Adele Broadbent

NZ Children's Author, Reviewer, Bookseller and Librarian

Trouble in Time

Listed in the NZ Listener's Top 50 Children's Books for 2014


A highly enjoyable adventure tale aimed at boys aged probably 9+. There is a delightful contrast here between the modern day and the world in which Ben's great grandpa, George, grew up. Watching the friendship develop between Ben and his elderly relative was both heart-warming and entertaining, and I think also highlights to the young reader that all old folks were young folks once.

Fast-paced, with an intriguing plot and good characterisation, "Trouble in Time" serves to entertain and introduce the young reader to the one the world once was - when children could run free in the fields, shooting rabbits and fishing for eels, when cows were milked by hand. It also deals with peer pressure, making the right decisions and standing up for yourself, as well as being a good friend. It is interlaced with wry humour, strong dialogue and an amusing premise and plot. An enjoyable read indeed.

Angela Oliver - NZ Booksellers Association

What a nice theory of time travel! Ben has to vacate his bedroom for his grouchy great-grandfather, and one day when the rest of the family is out, Ben finds himself transported back in time to when his Poppa was 12, the same age as Ben is now. Everything would be great, except back in real time Ben's friend Zac is getting into bad company, and in Poppa's childhood there's an alarming new troublemaker.

A great piece of history inside a contemporary issue - this is a great read for older kids and young teens. Oh yes, and a nice slice of New Zealand.

Kathleen Dixon