Adele Broadbent

NZ Children's Author, Reviewer, Bookseller and Librarian

The Last Herrick Secret

The Herrick family secrets are all uncovered. Or are they…?

Now that Herrick House is all but finished, Becs and her family are returning to the city – and Isaiah is going with them.
But as they leave, he alone sees a stranger on the house veranda. Who is he?

Excited about taking Isaiah home to the city, Becs is keen to slot right back in where she left off – shopping, hanging out with her friends and getting back to normal, but things don’t go to plan.

As Isaiah struggles with city life, he hides his growing dread about the man he saw. His parents won’t give him straight answers when he calls and his fears grow. He is not alone with his worries. Becs has a stranger of her own to deal with, and only when she begins to understand her own troubles does she help Isaiah with The Last Herrick Secret.

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