Adele Broadbent

NZ Children's Author, Reviewer, Bookseller and Librarian

Just Jack

Finalist - 2012 NZ Post Children's Book Awards
Storylines 2012 - Notable Book

It's 1930 and Wee Jack Baines has just turned 14 and is saying goodbye to his family.Wee Jack is small for his age and has never been any good at chores on the family farm in Ormondville - unlike his big brother Robert who excels at everything.
But when Jack's uncle discovers Jack has a gift with horses, he arranges a jockey apprenticeship in Hastings.
Wee Jack sees this a chance to prove himself to his family - especially Robert - and finally rid himself of his lifelong nickname - to be called just Jack.
But Jack finds the job harder than he'd imagined, with a tough boss and a rival apprentice and none of the glory he'd dreamt about. His only friends are his fussing landlady, Mrs Davis and her black cat - Marmite.
But Mrs Davis is hiding something....
When the other apprentice leaves, all the work falls on Jack's shoulders and he soon realises he is nothing more than a stable hand and a jockey apprenticeship is nowhere in sight.
With some help he finds a new position in Napier and is soon back on his way to his dream of becoming a winning jockey. He has a new boss - firm but fair, and is making new friends.
Until.... the unthinkable happens. How can this be? Why now?
As Jack thinks over everything he has worked for and is about to lose... the ground begins to shake.....

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