Adele Broadbent

NZ Children's Author, Reviewer, Bookseller and Librarian

Too Many Secrets

Too Many Secrets, buried for too long...

Becs is a sassy 12 year old drama queen who strikes a bargain with her mother. She'll spend a few months away from home while her new step-family renovates an elegant old house in the country.

When it's finished, they will sell it and also be able to afford the expensive school tuition of the private school Becs wants to attend with her mates the following year. But as usual, Becs wasn't listening properly. They aren't going to be living in the old mansion - they'll be living in the abandoned run-down caretakers cottage, with no power, hot water, or cell phone coverage.

Becs think she will just die! How could her mother do this to her? But she soon discovers the first of many secrets. Some new and some very old, and along the way, finds that her life in the bush isn't so awful after all.

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